How To: Delegate Proposals

Learn more about Delegates on the Qredit Blockchain
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How To: Delegate Proposals

Dear delegates,

Please use the following format for your delegate proposal.


Title of topic: [Delegate Name][Country][Own Description] example: [genesis_1][Sweden][Hi, new but experienced delegate joining Qredit]

Body Text:

- Delegate Name
- Country
- Location of delegate node
- Node specs
- Sharing Percentage
- Personal Text or Motivation


- Delegate Name: genesis_1
- Country: Sweden
- Location of delegate node: Germany
- Node Specs: Dedicated Server with 8 cores and 64gb of RAM
- Sharing Percentage: 0%

- Personal Text:

Hi, my name is Nayiem.
This is my delegate proposal. Please don't vote for me because my node is a genesis node and I don't share any of my delegate rewards with voters.
I do contribute to the Qredit Community and the Qredit Blockchain. My node always runs as a seed node, but it's better to vote for another delegate so the blockchain remains decentralized.
Thank you for reading this.

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