Qredit General Update - April 2021

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Qredit General Update - April 2021

Qredit General Update - April 2021


Hi all.
Thank you for taking your time to read the Q2 General update of Qredit.

In this update you will read where Qredit is standing now.
A small part of the team are also the same people that were standing behind the project Altilly, which recently got hacked due to mismanagement by Cherry Servers, the company where Altilly was hosted.

It took a heavy toll on all of us. Having our main income source taken away, it was difficult to continue Qredit with its original roadmap. After a few depressing months working on recovering from the hack we’ve managed to slowly survive and move forward with our new updated roadmap and vision.

This update will be short and strong.
After this update we will be giving more frequent updates on every individual aspect of the company and its product.

Let's dive in.

Qredit Motion

Qredits main product is “Qredit Motion”.
A cash and cryptocurrency mobile and desktop wallet with centralized fiat features powered by decentralized cryptocurrency functions.
Motion had a soft beta launch in Q1 in which 180 users participated.
During this phase we’ve added and fixed several functions and designed the app together with your input.

We have decided to no longer hold any cryptocurrency funds or assets that are not covered by the bank or any 3rd party. This means that Qredit Motion is now designed to provide you with a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet from which the end-user only has access to private keys.
This makes Qredit Motion the first in the world to provide a fully hybrid fintech wallet that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency powered by additional features such as fiat banking, managing your insurances and KYC functionalities.

New features in Qredit Motion

Following our new roadmap, we have managed to close a partnership deal with one of the largest private insurance providers in Europe and smaller country focused private insurance providers.
At the end of Q2 we will be announcing these partnership deals to the public.
In the same time, new features will be added to Qredit Motion. These features include but are not limited to:
  • European Private Health Insurance (except for Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
  • Vehicle Insurance (Scandinavian countries only in Q3)
  • European Dental Insurance (Except for German spoken countries)
  • EU Business Insurance (All EU countries except for German spoken countries)
These features will make Qredit Motion the first product in the world that allows you to apply and manage your private insurance with cryptocurrency.


One of the biggest failures in crypto are scams.
We believe that the majority in crypto has been scammed at least once in their lifetime.
When Qredit started in 2018, its initial vision was to introduce cryptocurrency to new people that are basically virgins when it comes to cryptocurrency and provide them a friendly way to enter this world without being scammed by pro’s that target these vulnerable new people.
This vision has been unchanged and since recent events it now has a much larger role in the vision of our product.

This vision is Persona.
Persona is a powerful feature that can be enabled and controlled inside the Qredit Motion app.
It allows you to connect with an individual, other Qredit Motion users or with 3rd parties and enterprises.
Powered by a secure private messenger and several social functions, you will be able to verify a company or a person's identity before engaging in financial activities.

Businesses will be able to connect and use this feature at no cost.

Due to competitive concerns, detailed and in-depth information about these features will be given upon release.

We have officially partnered with the Minnesota based company “Token of Trust”.
Token of Trust will be handling the sensitive government issued documents that will allow you to securely use Persona functionalities.

Lending Platform

Qredit Motion will provide paid users a plan that allows them to apply for a flash loan with satisfying fee rates.
Taking out loans as a company or individual from a bank or a 3rd party can be a hassle.
It usually comes with offering collateral, high fees and with a lot of paperwork.
The lending platform in Qredit Motion is designed to approve or deny your loan request within seconds by simply analyzing your financial data such as wallet balances, transactions and other financial activities.
It’s time to skip the paperwork.

Banking and Cryptocurrency

As mentioned in previous updates and now highlighted again.
Upon release of the Qredit Motion app. The app will provide users to interact with crypto currencies such as Qredit (XQR), Doge, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Unlike businesses and products in the same industry, Qredit Motion will allow you not only to hold cryptocurrencies inside the app, but also to create and receive external transfers.

Partnered with the UK based company “Railsbank”, Qredit Motion will be providing banking features that allows you to create a dedicated IBAN account.
With a dedicated IBAN account, you can easily manage your fiat currency and send and receive funds from all over the world and engage with any other normal bank.
Together with debit cards, you can easily pay at stores, withdraw funds from ATM’s and pay for goods in online webshops.

That’s all.

That’s all? Not really.
This is a short update dedicated to Qredit Motion only.

Below you will find a 3-month roadmap to view the timeline for future updates.

- Coming soon.


Thanks again for reading this update.
Keep an eye on this forum to not miss any future updates.
We hope that you are excited as much as we are and follow us through our journey in building Qredit.

Nayiem Willems
CEO of Qredit LTD

For questions and answers, please join our community at:

Forum: https://community.qredit.io
Telegram: https://t.me/qredit
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